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You Gotta Meet This Guy

He’s been standing there all along but who knew?

Let me introduce you to Elihu. You gotta meet this guy. He suddenly appears in Job 32. The reader had no idea he’s been there all along listening to Job lament to God and argue with his 3 friends. Who is this guy and why is he so angry? And why does he get 6 chapters? Why do we have to listen to him for 6 chapters before we can hear the speeches of God himself to Job? And after all these chapters listening to Job and his friends, what is left to say? David Atkinson, in his commentary on Job, helps us to understand why Elihu and why 6 chapters:

“The artistic skill of the author of these chapters in sustaining the tension in Job, and also in preparing us carefully for the final word from the Lord, is unsurpassed.”

Well said.

This guy serves a distinct purpose. The tension continues. Job is being prepared for the final word from the Lord. And so are we. You gotta meet this guy.

This post is adapted from a sermon I preached this Sunday at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville entitled “Meet Elihu.”