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Throwback Thursday: Sinclair Ferguson Interview, Part 1

Sinclair Ferguson is one of my favorite authors and preachers. He appears on my short list of those who have taught me the most about the gospel. I’m always quoting this guy whether in sermons or casual conversation with someone. When I’m asked which of his books I recommend, I say: I recommend them all. Yep, all of them. 

Several years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Sinclair. Recently a pastor sent me an e-mail informing me that he had just listened to the interview and benefitted from it big time. So that got me thinking about featuring it again because this is just great stuff. This guy is full of wisdom and grace. And he has that accent I would pay a large amount of cash to obtain. And if somehow you haven’t met Sinclair Ferguson, then I’m honored to introduce you to him.