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The Wonder of the Gospel

“Here is the heart of the plan of God and the wonder of the gospel. The best of all men dies as though He were the worst of all criminals…

God can point us to the cross and say:

  • ‘Do you see how much I love you?’
  • ‘I was prepared to bear My own judgment against your sin in the person of My own Son.’
  • ‘If I was prepared to do that for you, there is nothing I will withhold from you for your good.’

You will never understand the heart of God until you understand this.

If we want to know God and to hear His heartbeat for us, we must realize that His Son died on the cross for us. It is as if God Himself says to us: ‘If you want to know Me and to understand My commitment to save and bless you; if you want to be sure of the privileges that are yours and the security I have provided for you; then you must not look at the circumstances of your life and conclude, ‘Things are going well for me, God must love me.’ No. You must look at the cross and say: ‘My God was willing to give His Son for me. That is why I know He loves me.’”

Sinclair Ferguson, By Grace Alone, 71.