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Make the Most of a Sleepness Night—Psalm 63

“A sleepless night is just as much a gift from God as is a night’s sound sleep! Not that we usually look on it that way—but David did! Those ‘watches of the night,’ so often occasions of restlessness, always time when the day’s ‘mole hills’ become mountains of anxiety, he turned into opportunities to ‘muse’ about God (Psalm 63:6), and to come, not to a fresh place of worry, but to a fresh place of joy and all-around assurance (63:7-11). Silence—even before God—is not necessarily helpful. It depends on what we are doing with it, where our minds are. Left to themselves they flit hither and yon, and add to our restlessness. But learn from David. He lets into his five leading thoughts: my salvation (Psalm 62:1), the rock, top-security (62:2), hope (62:5), and refuge (62:7). From 63:7 we can add ‘such a help’ and the ‘shadow of your wings’. There’s a fruitful galaxy of thoughts for you.”

Alec Motyer, Psalms By The Day, 166.