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He Gives More Grace

“But he gives more grace.” James 4:6

Tucked away in the letter of James is one of the most comforting verses in all of Scripture. This verse reveals the graciousness and generosity of God to the original readers, even though James just addressed them as “You adulterous people!” (4:4). To them (and to us) God does indeed give more grace. He gives the grace we need to repent from worldliness and the grace we need to grow in godliness as we humble ourselves before him and acknowledge our need for more grace.

God’s disposition is to give because he is generous.
God’s disposition is to give grace because he is gracious.

And God always has more grace to give to those who humble themselves (James 4:6, 10). Always. In his commentary on James Alec Motyer celebrates the comfort revealed in this verse when he writes:

“His resources are never at end, his patience is never exhausted, his initiative never stops, his generosity knows no limit: he gives more grace.”

Or as Puritan Richard Sibbes briefly put it,

“There is always more mercy in Christ than sin in us.”


So let there always be fresh hope in our hearts. Regardless of the sin we are fighting or the trial we are facing, “he gives more grace.”