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From Mourning to Marveling

“Amid the incessant whirl of pastoral activity, the telephone call comes-one of the members of the congregation has died. The servant of God is abruptly halted in his ordinary spectrum of ministerial duties. Death may have come with shocking unexpectedness and untimeliness, snatching away a child, a youth, or one in the full flower of adulthood. Or it may have come to pluck away one who was advanced in years. However it comes, the true servant of God is brought to feel afresh the awesome, ominous, and haunting sobriety of the presence of death. Once again, he and his congregation are irresistibly summoned to the house of mourning (Ecc 7:2-4).” Al Martin

For the pastors of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville this dreaded call came on July 23, 2015 when we were informed that our dear friend and brother, Wade Stephenson was involved in a car accident that moments later would take his life. Wade was a much loved and deeply respected member of our church. Wade was humble, kind, caring, thoughtful, an exemplary husband and father. He is greatly missed. Wade left behind his wonderful wife Rebecca and their sweet daughters Nora, Phoebe, and Bonnie, and just a few days after he died his son Nicholas was born.

As a church we were called to “the house of mourning (Ecc 7:2-4).” And we still mourn and miss Wade. However this past Sunday we also marveled together at the faithfulness and grace of God we observed and heard in the testimony of Rebecca Stephenson. All present were deeply moved. I think you will be too.