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At Every Turn of the Page, Rely on God

“What I mean is that the act of reading, in order to be done as God intended, must be done in dependence on God’s supernatural help. The Bible gives two decisive reasons: Satan and sin. That is, we have a blinding enemy outside and a blinding disease inside. Together these two forces make it impossible for human beings to read the Bible, as God intended, without supernatural help.

“It is crucial we realize this. It seems to me that thousands of people approach the Bible with little sense of their own helplessness in reading the way God wants them to… At every turn of the page, rely on God. That is a supernatural transaction. If more people approached the Bible with a deep sense of helplessness, and hope-filled reliance on God’s merciful assistance, there would be far more seeing and savoring and transformation than there is.”

John Piper, Reading the Bible Supernaturally, 183–84